Friday Footnote

Take your dawgs to work!  Working Dawg are the perfect shoes to wear in a slick and potentially dangerous work environment.  These shoes feature durable slip-resistant tracker outsoles to keep you safe while working in environments that can be hazardous. The most unique part of the soles is that they are made from Firestone Firehawk GT Tread. The Working Dawg Tracker Pro has one of the highest record scores for slip resistant safety.  The safety features aren?t the only reason you?re going to love these Dawgs.

In addition to the slip resistant soles Working Dawgs also feature several other features. You?ll feel comfortable all shift long because these shoes feature excellent arch support, low heel impact and supportive uppers. Not only are these shoes safe and comfortable they?re easy to clean.  They are odor resistant and feature antimicrobial insoles.

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Friday Footnote

Looking for a work shoe that is functional and helps you express yourself? Look no further than our collection of nursing shoes by Alegria! The professional collections by Alegria all feature slip resistant soles which keep you safe and reduce accidents while working in slick situations. Both the Donna and the Debra feature a mild rocker bottom and padded foot beds to keep you comfortable throughout your shift.

On top of these important functional features of the shoes they also come in a variety of colors and patterns. There are enough colors to fit your every mood! The fun and funky designs help you bring a little of your own personality to your work wardrobe. The stain proof leather coating protects your shoes from liquids and keeps them looking as good as the day you buy them.

You can see the Donna, the Debra and all the nursing shoes we carry in our shoe department.

Friday Footnote – Get a Work Out at Work

Trying to balance your work and home life is hard enough without trying to find the time to exercise.  Tafford has several new shoes that will help you get a work out while you work!  These new shoes unique new features such as  re-designed soles which allows you to shape up your legs and improve your posture.  Not only will you tone your legs you’ll also burn calories as you walk!  Tafford has two popular styles of these wonderful shoes. 

shapeupOne of our most popular styles are the Shape Ups by Sketchers.  In addition to their health benefits they also feature slip resistant soles.  They will help you stay in shape and keep you safe from slips and falls at work!

Another popular style that we carry are the Solar 2 by Earth Footwear. Just as the Sketchers help you get a work out in the slight inclined heels of the Solar 2 help you to burn fat and build more muscle as you walk!

With these great shoes there are no more excuses for not getting some exercise!  To give you more piece of motivation to exercise more in the New Year –  we’ll ship your new shoes for free!  To receive free shipping on your order please use promo code SHAPEFF at check out.

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Friday Footnote

Dansko shoes are a workplace staple – for good reason!  Our most popular Dansko shoes the Professional, the Ingrid and the Sonja, feature unique elements which set them apart from the crowd and give you a safe and comfortable shoe to work in.

ZSH034_BBOXThese shoes feature technical elements such as padded insteps; roomy, reinforced toe boxes and rocker bottoms.  One of their most important features are the  SATRA, the world’s leading research and technology organization for the footware industry, tested slip resistant bottoms.  When working in slick environments it is extremely important to wear a shoe that will prevent any accidents.  The anti skid tread on the Professional, the Ingrid and the Sonja will not only keep you safe and accident free but also give you a stylish and comfortable look at work. There are a variety of Dansko styles to choose that give you not only a professional look but also a fun and fashionable way to express yourself.

To view the full selection of shoes that Tafford has to offer stop by our website and visit our shoe department.  Shop our shoe department and when you find the perfect pair for you – we’ll ship your order for free!  Please enter promotional code FOOTNOTE to receive free shipping.

Friday Footnote

When choosing a work shoe one of the most important considerations is safety.  You encounter wet and slippery surfaces daily so it is important to choose a shoe that will provide stability in those situations.  Workplace accidents can be easily avoided by choosing the proper footwear.

Tafford has a large selection of slip resistant shoes to choose from including a variety of styles from Working Dawgs, Sketchers and Alegria. These shoes are not only functional they are also stylish! Many feature fun and funky style, like the Working Dawgs which have genuine Firestone tire tread design on the sole. In addition to slip resistant soles, many of these shoes feature added elements including rocker bottoms to reduce heel pressure and promote proper posture and more.

To view the full selection of shoes that Tafford has to offer stop by our website and visit our shoe department.