#TaffordStyle: All Things Summer

If you have a child or a young family member or ears… you probably know the lovably snowman featured in today’s #taffordstyle. Just like Olaf, we’re celebrating all things summer.  We started with this fun yet flattering top from Tooniforms and paired it with these fresh-cut-grass-green pants from Cherokee.  Then we added in some of our favorite summer-loving accessories.  From colorful socks to a sunny thermometer, this outfit will brighten up even the toughest of shifts.

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Turn to Tafford for Your Dental Scrubs and Accessories

dental scrubs

As a dentist, you know the importance of maintaining a healthy mouth and teeth. It’s an important and necessary part of the job to expertly educate the general public about maintaining good oral hygiene habits. And that’s why you should have the best scrubs and accessories to help you in your day to day work.

Starting when you wake up in the morning and get ready for the day, you should be able to dress in attire that is both functional and incredibly comfortable. Scrubs bought through Tafford won’t let you down!

A standard wardrobe might include a WonderWinks Mock Wrap Scrub Top, which comes in 12 solid colors. Pair it with the WonderWinks Flare Leg Scrub Pant, equipped with a drawstring waist. Both pieces are constructed with Active Twill fabric for durability and stretch, which offers comfort throughout even the longest days. In addition to your pant size (all of which have a built in higher back rise for full coverage when bending), you also select an inseam length for exceptional fit.

Mix things up with a colorful print top or jacket. One of our dentistry-themed favorites is the Cherokee Bee Kind to Your Teeth Mock Wrap Scrub Top. The cartoon imagery is great for a family practice, relaying your message in a fun print that will bring a smile to your patient’s face.

Is it a bit chilly in your office? Consider adding a jacket to your scrub wardrobe. The Big Smile White Swan Warm-Up Jacket offers colorfast, preshrunk fabric that withstands high performance. The snap closures and cuffs keep in the warmth while the three pockets keep your most-needed items with you at all times. And did we mention how incredibly soft it is?

Once your wardrobe is all set, take a look at Tafford’s other dentistry products, like the BarCharts Dental Anatomy Poster for your office wall or the Dental Hygienist Pin to dress up your scrub top.

Whether you are a dental assistant or taking classes to become a hygienist, you need the proper wardrobe and accessories to feel confident and comfortable all day long. Shop Tafford for the best in dental wear that will inspire smiles all around!

#TaffordStyle: Dog Days of Summer

Well it’s official. Summer is here and the temperatures can prove it.  If you have to endure the dog days of summer, they might as well be cute, right.  Which is why today’s #taffordstyle is inspired by this adorable top from our Tafford Prints collection.  We paired it with our oh-so-comfy Tafford Stretch flare leg cargo pocket scrub pants.  Then we added in some paw-sitively perfect accessories.  Why did we include Med Sleeves in the middle of the summer, you may ask?  Because no matter what the temperature is like outside, there’s always that one floor/office/wing where you work that might as well be at the North Pole.  With these Med Sleeves you can regulate the temperature without having to change clothes.

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Embrace Your Inner “Toon” with Tooniforms

movie character scrubs

Watching silly characters and cartoon mayhem is a treasured part of childhood (and adulthood for some of us). There’s nothing wrong with showing your childlike personality in your hospital or clinic. In fact, most medical facilities could always use a little more laughter! This is especially true if you work in pediatric care or a family practice. Wearing bright characters on your scrubs helps make you more approachable to younger children. It may start a conversation that helps them be more at ease and relaxed in an otherwise tense situation.

So who’s your favorite toon? Tafford can provide you with a scrub top of classic or newer characters. If you’re a fan of Disney, take a look at this adorable Minnie Mouse Mock Wrap Top by Cherokee. It has a feminine hot pink side bow that cinches below the bustline, separating the black and white character mosaic above from a black and white polka dot print below.

A more recent Disney favorite, the Forever Sisters V-Neck Print Top, features Elsa and Anna from Frozen. It’s a little less traditional for a nursing top, focusing on comfort with soft knit side panels and sleeves. The v-neck has black piping for additional style, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t functional as well! This top comes with pockets specifically designed for scissors and a cell phone.

Not a Disney fan? There are plenty of toons to choose from in the Tooniforms collection! Hello Kitty has over five scrub top designs in various colors and styles. Even the Cookie Monster, from Sesame Street, makes an appearance in the Nom Nom V-Neck Top. Eeyore and Betty Boop are also customer favorites!

Tooniforms even includes a few movie character icons such as R2D2. The R2 to the Rescue V-Neck Print is a standout with its chic gray tone design. R2D2 embodies bravery and adventure, two aspects of every nurse’s day. For the guys, the Stormtrooper Scrub Top might be a great alternative. Use the “Force,” to make another patient’s day that much better!

Tafford is dedicated to providing brand options, including the colorful and adventurous Tooniforms collection. Brighten up the pediatric ward or simply show off your silly personality with any one of these unique, comfortable, and affordable scrub tops!

Celebrate Summer with Fantastic Colors and Prints!

4th of July Scrubs

Little by little, the chill of winter has melted away, and flowers have begun to bloom in the warmth of the summer sun. Soon enough, we’ll be in the midst of summer and attempting to stay cool in the shade of big trees and tall buildings. It’s important to be able to stay just as cool and comfortable at work, whether you just started as a dental assistant or have been a nurse for the past 15 years. But staying cool isn’t enough; you also want (and deserve) to look and feel spectacular! Dressing in the colors and prints of summer brings a little of that summertime fun into your workplace and day-to-day activities.

There are several appealing summer scrub designs available through Tafford. For instance, if you’re feeling a bit more patriotic during this time of year, you can celebrate your love for the United States through your medical scrubs. An American flag print like the Peaches Life And Liberty Anna Print Scrub Top is a classic. It’s a comfortable V-neck design with two front pockets and side hem vents. Another option is the White Cross Patriot Peace Shirred V-Neck Scrub Top, which adds a more subtle flair to your wardrobe. It maintains the patriotic red, white, and blue colors in a unique pattern with flowers and peace symbols.

You can also show your summer spirit with some of our favorite camo scrub tops! Whether you enjoy bright colors that reflect the season, like in the Tafford Royal Purple Camo 2-Pocket Scrub Top, or something a little more traditional, such as the Tafford Flannel Green Camo Unisex Chest Pocket Scrub, you’ll be delighted with the flattering fit and quality feel.

All of these selections are short-sleeved to keep the wearer cool in the summer months. They each have one or two front pockets for convenient storage. You might also consider a scrub top based on side ventilation or high-performance fabric that will withstand the wear of the workplace, even in the summer heat. The Fundamentals Blue Bubble Overlap V-Neck has these features in a sporty print. Plus, it is made with soft, soil-release, shrinkage-controlled fabric for easy cleaning!

If you’re looking for new summer scrubs in great patterns and colors, look no further! By hunting around on the Tafford site, you can find a wide selection of items and styles to suit your needs. Plus, there are always promotions and deals to help make your choices even easier!

#TaffordStyle: Caribbean Charm

We don’t about you, but the warm weather has us wishing for a warm sandy beach, a cool blue ocean, and some time to recharge.  We can’t help you get to the Caribbean, but we can make your next shift comfortable.  That’s why today’s #taffordstyle is all about soothing colors and comfortable shapes. We started with this Med Couture top in cool shades of blue, green, and pink.  We paired with with a pair of our Tafford Essential Stretch drawstring scrub pants and added in our favorite soft and relaxing accessories.  Looking for your perfect summer scrub style?  Check out our entire collection of summer scrubs.

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10 Tips for Better Nurse Teamwork

close up of healthcare workers hands togetherTeamwork is key for efficiency in any workplace, but for nurses, lives often literally depend on your ability to create and maintain a positive, functional team environment. One of the many perks Travel Nurses mention about their career path is the ability to avoid long-term hospital politics, but even those in Travel Nursing jobs should learn good teamwork skills.

With that in mind, here are 10 tips for better nurse teamwork will help you and your team gel and excel!

Communicate Effectively — This is the number one influence on teamwork! Think before you speak, explain yourself clearly, and listen to others. Even in stressful scenarios, do your best to avoid snarky comments as they will only hamper communication, and always be open and honest.

Pull Your Weight — Make sure that you are doing your best and giving your all at all times. Contributing at your highest level will only improve your team’s chances for success and others’ views of your collective work.

Ask Questions — You should never be too proud to ask questions on the job. Sure, you are highly skilled and trained, but we all always have more to learn! Plus, asking a question of a colleague lets them demonstrate their knowledge, which makes them feel good and can even help you bond.

Be Kind and Be Positive — A good rule to carry with you everywhere in life, simply being kind to others goes a long way! And being a positive presence will only lead to more positivity coming back your way. Even in trying times, always be kind and try to stay positive.

Build Relationships — In nursing you are seriously in the trenches with your colleagues. You will all have a better time of it if you create genuine relationships. Get to know them — where they’ve been in life and where they hope to go, who their family is, what they do off the clock. And, make sure you let them get to know you too!

Don’t Compare — Whether it’s duties, salary, or anything else, never compare yourself to your teammates. It’s dangerous to stack ourselves up next to others, because we often are not privy to the full picture anyway. Focus on your own performance and opportunities.

Make Room for Feedback — You should be able to offer your teammates constructive feedback (whether directly or through management) and you should absolutely welcome any feedback that comes your way. Don’t bristle when you receive feedback even if you initially disagree with it. Say “thank you” and take some time to consider before reacting. Chances are, it will help you develop and help your team excel in the long run.

Focus on Solutions — When things go wrong (and they will sometimes!) try not to dwell on the problem, but rather focus on what solutions your team can seek.

Have a Team Mentality — Try to remember at all times that you are a team. Teams sink or swim together, so do your best to stay tight and you are all more likely to succeed.

Remember Your Goal — At the end of the day, your objective is delivering excellent patient care. Keeping that goal in mind will help you execute the level of teamwork necessary to make it happen.

Whether you are perm or a Traveler, I hope these 10 tips for better nurse teamwork will help you and your team. If you have any other tips, please feel free to share them in the comments!

About the Author: Sarah Wengert is a blogger for Travel Nursing Blogs.com, a resource and entertainment site for past, present, and future Travel Nurses. She’s also the Creative Content Writer at Medical Solutions, a pet-friendly, top Travel Nurse company. Sarah enjoys traveling, cooking, and singing along to the car radio like no one is watching. 

Scrubs inspired by your favorite show: Grey’s Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy Scrubs

There’s no denying that the scrubs worn on Grey’s Anatomy have a touch of fashion and intrigue to them. That’s why we’re excited that the Grey’s Anatomy Scrubs collection and Grey’s Anatomy Signature Series by Barco Uniforms are available at Tafford.

Made with Dura Tech fabric, for easy soil release and many other convenient features, the Grey’s Anatomy line will exceed your expectations. Select a few pieces from the line to experience all day comfort, easy-care, and ultimate durability in your medical work wear.

Gals – Show your independent, ambitious, and compassionate side in the Signature 32 Inch 3 Pocket Lab Coat. It has a back vent slit at the hem for ease of movement and arcLux™ technology with 4-way stretch for ultimate agility.

Guys – Try the Derek Scrub Top, it has a modern fit with an open V-neck and three pockets for functionality. Pair it with the Men’s Tablet Pocket 37“ Lab Coat for off-the-charts sophistication.

For a straightforward style, check out the 2-Pocket Lab Coat with Back Belt. It’s fitted with two patch pockets, so you can wear it open or keep it buttoned up. Bring together high-end and high-performance with the Callie Low Rise 3 Pocket Pant and the Grey’s Anatomy Signature Notch Neck top. The 4-way stretch of the fabric results in a luxuriously soft, feather-light set of scrubs.

Perhaps a cheerful look is more your style. Well then, the 3 Pocket V-Neck is the scrub top for you. You can brighten up any day with this scrub top, including your own! It has three pockets, a V-neck yoke, and a fitted back. It’s made with super-soft arcLux™ fabric and available in many different colors. Pair it with the Multi-Color Meredith Shoe, which has a naturally engineered vamp to help prevent pinching. Its padded collar, custom footbed, and heel pad provide the ultimate support. Arizona Robbins has nothing on you with this ensemble!

When you’re constantly on the move, your medical uniform should be able to keep up. That’s what we love about the Grey’s Anatomy series. Its soft, strong fabric and unique designs make Grey’s Anatomy Scrubs and the Grey’s Anatomy Signature Series by Barco Uniforms the best option for performance and durability in nursing uniforms.

Healing Hands Scrubs for Hands Dedicated to Healing

Healing Hands scrubs

Because each day in the medical profession brings unforeseen challenges, medical uniforms should be fashionable and comfortable. Meet each challenge with cool grace and a positive energy by remaining professionally composed in Healing Hands Scrubs. They have a soft femininity that is in sync with current fashion trends and the strength and durability of your own healing hands.

The Jane Scrub Top is one of the classic Healing Hands options available through Tafford. It’s a junior fit top with back darts for a flattering shape. It has a Y-neck with princess seams on the front. Another classic with a slightly different look is the Jenna Scrub Top, which features plenty of pockets (including one for a pen and another for a cell phone) and a modesty patch in the v-neck. It’s contemporary, clean, and practical with empire seams and durable, stretchy fabric.

What about something a little less classic and a little more trendy? Healing Hands produces scrubs with unique prints like Navy Filigree and Mint Snake Skin. These are just two of the superb color combinations found in one scrub top design. Like the classic scrub options, you can still have the practicality of front pockets with the added burst of flair in the sweetheart neckline. Other patterns include roses, daisies, and tiger stripes.

If you want to change up the print pattern and style, try the Molly Filigree Black Print Scrub. The red and pink flowers swirl with elegance on a white background. It has a black yoke across the shoulders and contrasting black piping in the center notch. The silky sateen fabric will ensure all-day relaxation.

In addition to these essentials, there are thermal and regular tees, jackets, and scrub pants. Jackets vary between zipper and button closure, all made with a blend of polyester, spandex, and cotton that hugs the torso with warmth for those all-night nursing duties. The bottoms are tied or elastic and fit snugly around the waist to ensure a comfortable fit and movability.

From our Healing Hands to yours, the scrubs you purchase through Tafford are guaranteed to look and feel great all day long. If you have questions about sizes or ordering, contact us today!

#TaffordStyle: Shades of Summer

From Memorial Day to Labor Day the shades of summer are red, white, and blue.  And you can celebrate all summer with today’s #taffordstyle board and our full selection of patriotic scrubs.  We started with our Tafford Seeing Stars top and combined it with our favorite red, white and blue accents.  Americana not your thing.  Check out our entire selection of summer themed scrubs.

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