April Showers Bring May Flowers – Get Yours From Tafford

flower print scrub topsIt will soon be time for the blooming beauty of May flowers. Capture the essence of floral enchantment with your medical workwear from Tafford Uniforms. As the leading source for scrubs, medical scrubs, and nursing uniforms, Tafford offers a unique set of medical wear so you can keep up with the changing seasons.

Be a springtime show stopper in the elegant and bold Koi Floral Drift Kathryn Scrub Top. The V-neckline accentuates the femininity of the décolletage, so it’s flattering for all shapes and sizes. The bright yellow pops against the bold black and gray, and it’s made with 100% cotton for comfort on the job. The adjustable front ties have a beaded flower trim for an extra touch of style.

Add the Healing Hands Jamie Bold Daisies Print Scrub Top to your uniform for a flattering yet comfortable top. Highlight springtime with white daisies set on a plum background! The back darts, sweetheart neckline, and besom pockets are features you won’t want to miss.

Are roses your favorite flower? The Tafford Romance Novel 2 Pocket Scrub Top is a custom Tafford design. It’s a bouquet of all the classic rose colors, like scarlet, pure pink, and wild iris. There are two large front pockets to store all your gear, and the side vents provide a flattering fit over the hips.

Inspired by the runway, the Runway by Cherokee Sunshine Flight Round Neck Scrub Top is for the fashion-minded medical professional. A dynamic floral print with a round neck butterfly print and a keyhole detail adds a unique flair to this top. It’s a true combination of all the fresh color and style of spring!

Do you have a flair for the sophisticated? The Dickies Spring Into It Jr. Fit Round Neck Scrub Top was made for your spring scrub collection. The floral and lace print comes in a Junior fit and features an asymmetrical princess seam with an adjustable tie on the side. It’s 100% cotton so you can work with ease and comfort.

Time to party! The Tafford Garden Party 2 Pocket Scrub Top will have you looking and feeling your best. The navy and wild iris create a fun, floral look to add a little spring to your step. The fabric is made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester, so it is durable and easy to care for.

For a softer, floral look, try the Grey’s Anatomy Signature Notch Neck Print Top. The soft gray depicts a lightly colored floral and butterfly pattern, combining the nature and beauty of spring. It’s from the Grey’s Anatomy™ Signature collection, so you know it’s fashionable.

So what are you waiting for? Put in your order for floral scrubs today, so they arrive before the first flower blooms. Put a little spring in your step with some new medical scrubs from Tafford!

#TaffordStyle: Light It Up Blue

April is Autism Awareness Month, and in celebration we are lighting it up blue!  With a prevalence rate of 1 in 68 kids, the vast majority of us will be touched by ASD.  Autism Awareness Month encourages all of us to learn more about the challenges as well as the amazing and unique gifts and talents of all the awesome folks on the spectrum.  To find out more about ASD as well as ways to participate during this month of awareness, see the Autism Society’s website as well as Autism Speaks.

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New at Tafford.com: Cherokee AntiMicrobial Scrubs

antimicrobial scrubsLooking for medical uniforms that are long lasting, comfortable to wear, and still have fashion appeal? Look no further! Cherokee AntiMicrobial Scrubs are the result of technology, fashion, durability, and workability incorporated into one line of medical scrubs and lab coats. The line uses Certainty and Certainty PLUS technology to give it the edge on functionality in medical uniforms.

Certainty is a specialized antimicrobial barrier technology that provides protection and prevention against the unwanted bacteria that medical professionals are exposed to on a regular basis. The technology helps stop the growth of bacteria, yeast, and algae and works to decrease odors and stains that are caused by them.

Certainty PLUS has all the antimicrobial barrier benefits of Certainty, with added fluid barrier technology. NANOTEX Resists Spills is ahead of the curve when it comes to preventing liquid from soaking through medical scrubs. With Certainty PLUS technology, your scrub uniforms will resist spills for ultimate protection against liquids in the medical industry. Plus, the material is breathable and durable so that you won’t be sacrificing comfort for functionality.

From the athletic-inspired Infinity line to the modern Code Happy line, Cherokee AntiMicrobial medical scrubs have impeccable detail in each piece. Scrubs and lab coats can start to appear very similar to each other after a while, but not with the Cherokee AntiMicrobial line. It’s amazing what a little pocket detailing, zipper feature, or neckline can do for nursing uniforms!

When medical professionals are dealing with pathogens and bacteria on a regular basis, they should have scrub uniforms that will resist any potential negative effects. That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to the Cherokee AntiMicrobial line. Keep an eye out for the Cherokee line that will provide comfort, style, and functional technology in medical scrubs.

#TaffordStyle: Spring is in the Air

It’s that time of year again.  The time when even if there is a foot of snow on the ground (or more. Sorry Boston!) you know it’s coming to an end.  Spring is in the air our friends!  Which is what today’s #taffordstyle post is all about.  We started with one of the new designs from our Tafford Prints line.  This happy top will bring a bit of spring to your next shift, especially when paired with some bright accessories.  It’s still going to be cold for a little while longer, though.  Which is why we are loving all these new Med Sleeve options from Prestige Medical.  You can easily regulate your temperature without the hassle of an undershirt.  Too cold, just slip these sleeves on.  Too hot, just slip them off.  They are perfect for those spring days when the weather is up and down.  Or that one floor of the hospital that can’t seem to decide which temperature it wants to be set at.

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tafford uniforms cheap scrubs nurse tafford uniforms prints note to self 2 pocket scrub top nurse nursing #taffordstyle prestige medical 7 50 inch emt utility scissor tafford uniforms scrubs nurse nursing littmann classic ii pediatric stethoscope nurse nursing scrubs prestige medical disposable penlight tafford uniforms scrubs style nurse nursing koi butterfly and rhinestone id badge reel tafford uniforms scrub style nurse nursing prestige medical med sleeves with ruffles tafford uniforms scrub style nurse nursing dansko scatter floral patent professional clog tafford uniforms scrub style nonskid nonslip nurse nursing tafford essentials elastic waist scrub pants uniforms style nurse nursing


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Sanita Clogs: A Revolutionary Fit

Sanita nursing clogs

Sanita Clogs have been around since 1907, adorning feet in the name of comfort and style across the world. In fact, Sanita is known for being the “original Danish clog” for its non-traditional looser fit. These clogs are meant to have room enough for your heel to lift in the back. Initially, this might seem ineffective for nurses and clinical care practitioners on-the-go. But, in fact, this space allows for the foot’s natural swelling that can happen when you’re on your feet all day.


The idea of a roomy clog is a novel but revolutionary idea for the “original clog” experts. Why? For the very idea that your individual shoe size can change on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Every Sanita brand shoe is outfitted with an adjustable “cup” that can be pinched or widened to secure your heel. This feature is especially handy for working women who are pregnant and on their feet all day long.


Wide or narrow feet? No problem! Sanita clogs bring comfort to every size and every situation. There are both open and close toe models for changing seasons. The Smart Step line promises extreme comfort and arch support for those walking all day and the Koi collection highlights fashion. Show your own personal flare with buckles, bangles, and colorful patterns you won’t see anywhere else in your clinic or hospital.


Sanita clogs are built to last, but they are designed to be vibrant. Which Sanita clogs speak to you – the playful Pink Camo or spicy Snap Dragon? Or perhaps you want to rock your duties with the Leather Hendrix design?


Of course, we can’t forget practicality! For those who want to slip easily into their shoes and go on their way, there are a few open back Sanita clogs, like the Leather Sonja Clog.


Invest in a comfortable shoe that will last through your residency and into your career in the medical profession – invest in Sanita clogs. When you walk into work each day with a bounce in your step, you’ll feel like a new energized you. Tafford can help make that possible, supplying you with Sanita clogs, scrubs, and other necessities.

Be Uniquely “U” with Urbane Scrubs

urbane scrubs

Tired of the same bland wardrobe each day you have clinic duty? As a health care professional, you spend a lot of time in your scrubs, lab coats, and other uniform apparel. That’s why you should be able to put some attitude in your clothes, to express who you are on top of being practical enough to get the job done and comfortable enough to spend long periods of time in.


Urbane scrubs exemplify attitude, strength, confidence, and beauty. It doesn’t matter what age, body type, or title you have – you should feel empowered in what you wear, just as you help patients feel empowered to heal. The Urbane way is to be fitted, flattering, and functional. One piece that remains the cornerstone of this triad is the classic crossover top.


Take your scrubs to the next level with Urbane Ultimate, a collection dedicated to cozy comfort and professional style. This line accentuates functionality with v-neck and crossover tunics, drawstring or elastic-waist straight-leg trousers, and bright solid colors. The practical square waist and hip pockets also have plenty of storage space and durability for holding all of your favorite tools. It’s the outfit you keep coming back to time after time for its classic appeal.


If you tend to run from patient to patient and stay under high stress, you need scrubs that move with you instead of fight against you. The Urbane Performance collection is constructed from material that stretches as you bend, lean, and sit. Not to mention that it keeps you cool all day long, no matter what you face or how hard you work. From the Endurance Cargo Scrub Pant to the Propel Surplice Scrub Top, you’ll never miss a beat!


Keep it cool and classy with Urbane Scrubs collections. Because when it comes right down to it, your outfit should embody “U” and portray your unique qualities. That’s the Urbane quality guarantee, and that’s why Tafford is a proud distributor of this vibrant line of health workwear.

#TaffordStyle: Rock Star Status

Actors, artists and musicians might be dominating the red carpet, but we think the folks who tirelessly staff our hospitals, medical offices, and veterinary clinics are the real rockstars!  And we are celebrating you in today’s #taffordstyle post.  We stared with this stellar top from Heartsoul scrubs and paired it with their Charmed low rise drawstring cargo pants to form the perfect combination of comfort and rockstar status.  We then added some of our favorite accessories, including the new crystal stethoscope charms and med sleeves from Prestige Medical, because every rockstar needs a little bling.

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tafford uniforms cheap scrubs nurse heartsoul superstar v-neck scrub top tafford uniforms nurse nursing littmann classic iii stethoscope nurse nursing scrub style tafford uniforms alegria paloma mary jane charcoal patent slip resistant nonskid nurse nursing tafford uniforms scrub style prestige medical charmed crystal stethoscope charm tafford uniforms scrub style tafford uniforms koi super heroes retractable id badge reel nurse nursing tafford uniforms scrub style prestige medicla 5 inch nursing utility scissors tafford uniforms scrub style nurse prestige medical med sleeve with bling nurse nursing scrub style tafford uniforms heartsoul charmed low rise drawstring cargo scrub pant style tafford uniforms nurse nursing

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Winter Skin Care Tips for Nurses

OK, so winter is not coming (as they say in Game of Thrones) — it’s actually full-on here! As a nurse, your skin already faces work-related stresses, but add winter harshness to that and it’s extra crucial that you take good care of your body’s largest organ.

Here are some helpful winter skin care tips for nurses — to help you stay smooth and healthy in the face of winter conditions:

Cold Weather Woman

Exfoliate and Moisturize 

Seriously. Do these two things like they’re going out of style. Regular exfoliation keeps your skin healthy and allows lotions and other products to properly penetrate and do their job. When it comes to lotions and creams, make sure you’re not sacrificing functionality for scents or packaging. You need a quality, deep-penetrating product for winter months. And be sure to upgrade to a healing ointment like Aquaphor for extra rough patches on knees and elbows.

Protect Your Skin

If you’re in a colder climate this winter, don’t leave the house without covering up with gloves, scarves, hats, warm socks, and whatever else it takes to protect your skin. Also, don’t skimp on the sunscreen just because it’s cold. Be sure to apply it regularly to your face or any other exposed areas.

Sick of bundling? Try a Travel Nursing assignment somewhere warm and opt out of the whole winter thing!

Avoid Dry and Wet Conditions

I know that sounds like an oxymoron, but your skin will benefit from avoiding excessively dry or wet conditions that plague winter months.

When it comes to wet, try to avoid wet socks and other clothing — get them off and get into something dry as soon as you can. Also on the wet front are lovely, relaxing hot baths. I’m a huge fan of these, but they are extremely drying to your skin. Try to cut back on them if you can, and balance things out by mixing in some nice, soothing bath oils.

A major dry enemy? The air! Place humidifier strategically throughout your home and you’ll benefit from more moisture in the air, which will help lead to a more moisturized you.

See a Specialist

If your measures aren’t measuring up, seek help from an esthetician or dermatologist. A professional will be better able to help diagnose, treat, and get your skin glowing again.

I hope these winter skin care tips for nurses are of some help to you. Whether you wait it out for spring or spring off on a Travel Nursing assignment, here’s to warmer times to come!

About the Author: Sarah Wengert is a blogger for Travel Nursing Blogs.com, a resource and entertainment site for past, present, and future Travel Nurses. She’s also the Creative Content Writer at Medical Solutions, a pet-friendly, top Travel Nurse company. Sarah enjoys traveling, cooking, and singing along to the car radio like no one is watching. 

#TaffordStyle: Luck of the Irish

You’ll have the luck of the Irish every shift with today’s #taffordstyle.  We started with this festive top from our affordable and stylish Tafford Prints line.  Then we combined it with the superior comfort of our Essentials Stretch drawstring scrub pants.  Paired with some of our favorite shamrock green accessories, you’ll think you’ve found the pot at the end of the rainbow.  Speaking of, with our great prices on Littmann Stethoscopes, you won’t need to find that pot of gold to afford a great stethoscope.

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tafford uniforms cheap scrubs nurse tafford uniforms birkenstock super birki clog professional shoes slip resistent prestige medical med sleeves tafford uniforms nurse nursing cheap scrubs prestige medical stethoscope tape holder tafford uniforms nurse nursing cheap scrubs prestige medical retracteze id holder badge reel tafford uniforms cheap scrubs nurse nursing nurse mates favorite colored ring watch tafford uniforms nurse nursing cheap scrubs littmann classic iii stethoscope tafford uniforms nurse nursing cheap scrubs prestige medical compact carry case nurse nursing tafford uniforms cheap scrubs prestige medical disposable pen light tafford uniforms cheap scrubs nurse nursing tafford essentials stretch drawstring scrub pants cheap scrubs tafford emerald isle 2 pocket top tafford uniforms cheap scrubs nurse nursing


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Wonderwink: Scrubs that Change Your Attitude

Wonder wink

Difficult and frustrating days are inevitable when you work in the high-pace, high-stress world of health and wellness. What you wear – how it looks, feels, performs – shouldn’t contribute to the difficulties. Rather, your clothes should be your work accessories, a tool to accomplish what you love more easily. WonderWink scrubs, tops, and pants all work in unison to make your day a little more worry-free and a little less frustrating. In other words, WonderWink uniforms can transform your attitude so that you can transform lives!

Other uniform distributors may have a longer history, but WonderWink represents the new horizon of scrubs, lab coats, and everything the modern healthcare professional needs. If you want fresh, fun, and exciting, then you want WonderWink. From the hottest color choices to the most flattering fits, the scrubs will attract compliments from co-workers as well as people beyond the doors of your clinic or office.

With WonderWink, you can expect the highest quality standards. Each uniform has been handled with delicate intricacy from the initial sketch to the pattern cutting, sewing, fitting, and final perfect touches.

WonderWink has wrap scrub tops in impeccable, one-of-a-kind prints like this WonderWink Easy Fit Boho Soho Shirred Fashion Top. Like the wrap look but want something a little more simple to slip into? Try one of the fun faux wrap tops like the Fogel Fox Printed Mock Wrap Top. Or you could opt for another scrub top look, the classic v-neck, as is this whimsical Hedgehog Bob Printed V-Neck.

Of course, there are practical solids, too, made to fit men and women of all shapes and sizes including a WonderWink Plus line. The newer Four-Stretch line is named for its four-way stretchable fabric meant to work with your body mechanics with lasting durability in each stitch and moisture management that won’t fail.

Wearing WonderWink means feeling and looking your best all day long – but it also means having the best attitude! When you are comfortable and feel like you can express yourself, even while working, you will be able to smile and make a patient’s day that much better! So start your WonderWink wardrobe by shopping through Tafford, the best distributor of the highest uniform brand names!