#TaffordStyle: Surf’s Up

School may be starting and the summer coming to an end. (Seriously Labor Day is right around the corner!) but, you can bring the tranquility of the ocean to your next shift with today’s #taffordstyle. Featuring Tafford Essentials Stretch Notch Neck scrub top in Coastal Surf you can have a little bit of summer all year long.

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Cherokee Workwear is proudly celebrating 10 years of delivering reliable, durable, comfortable scrubs to countless healthcare heroes around the world. From day one, the goal has been to design professional uniforms that are as original and versatile as the people who wear them. To demonstrate that unique versatility, 10 nurses form Children’s Hospital Los Angeles volunteered to model Cherokee Workwear for the spring 2014 catalog. At the same time, they shared their insights, inspiration and stories—unique to them, but universal to nurses and medical professionals everywhere—filled with humor, wisdom, advice and heartfelt emotion.

Jennifer Nam, a pediatric nurse, shares her reasons behind pursuing a career in nursing, the favorite parts of her job as well as the special and meaningful way that she connects with her patients. Jennifer also opens up about the profound significance and impact that her fellow nurses have had on her own life.

#TaffordStyle: You are my Sunshine

There’s nothing lazy about being a healthcare worker! But with today’s outfit you can bring a little of the lazy days of summer to your busy shift. How could you be anything but happy around this bright yellow top from Dickies?

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New Tafford Plus Size Collection

The Scrub Life comes in all shapes and sizes, and we think your scrubs should too.  That’s why we are super excited to debut our first dedicated plus size line of scrubs.  Although Tafford Essentials and Tafford Essentials Stretch lines have always offered plus sizes, this line is specifically designed to flatter and fit and takes into account, the feedback we’ve received from our full figured professionals.

So what makes them different?  It’s all in the details. The tops are longer, so you can move around freely without worrying about things riding up.  Speaking of riding up… all the pants in the collection are designed specifically for women with curves, giving you a generous fit in the hips and rises that won’t pinch or pull.  On the other hand they have smooth comfortable knit waistbands instead of bulky drawstrings for both comfort and a sliming effect.  Additionally the colorblock styling and pretty necklines are designed to be both attractive and comfortable, giving you the confidence to move around without worry.

Tafford Plus Size Scrubs

The new line is made from the same comfortable fabric as our Essentials Stretch collection so if you already have a favorite piece, the new line will match perfectly.  The new line consists of four scrub tops and for pants styles, all of which come in ten different colors.  They are available in sizes 1X through 5X in all styles.  If you wear an XL currently, you’ll want to order a size 1X in the new collection.

Tafford Plus Size Scrubs


Still not convinced?  How about tagless neck labels?  You know you wished you had that when you came back sunburned from the beach.  But that’s ok.  That’s what you get for posting all those “wish you were here” pics on Facebook.  Where were we?  Oh yeah… Pick from a comfortable flare leg or straight leg styling and even convenient cargo pockets.  The tops have easy entry front patch pockets and side vents again for comfort and convenience.

So, what do you think?  You ready to give them a try?  Shop the whole Plus Size Scrubs collection here.  Still want to see more, check out the new collection’s dedicated about page here.

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Dealing with Difficult Patients

Life in scrubs can be one of the most rewarding career paths out there, but it can also be one of the hardest.  The work can be demanding, the schedule can be demanding, and the patients can be demanding.  Although many of us get into the field because we want to help people, it’s ok to admit that patients can be our most and LEAST favorite part of the job.  We’ve put together a few tips to keep in mind when working with difficult patients.

Be aware of your own emotional state.  As much as we’d like to think we leave our personal lives at the front door, the truth is we are affected by our experiences.  Pain or trauma in our past can be triggered by lots of things including our patients, and that’s perfectly reasonable.  However, it’s important to acknowledge to yourself when something has touched a nerve.  You want to make sure that you are dealing with the present situation and not a ghost from your past.  Sometimes a minute to catch your breath is all you need, but if you find yourself having a hard time consider taking advantages of the mental health resources available to you.

Put yourself in their shoes… or compression stockings.  The medical profession may be second nature to you, but it can be pretty stressful for most patients.  They may have been through something traumatic that landed them in your care, or they may be facing something really scary, or just scared of needles.  Often we feel one emotion but react with another.  It’s easier to be angry than it is to be scared.  Acknowledge the patient’s feelings and try offering them a little extra understanding.

Set good boundaries.  Understanding where a patient is coming from doesn’t mean you allow them to treat you disrespectfully.  Set clear boundaries from the beginning.  Be firm but respectful if those boundaries are violated.  Focus on modeling the respect you expect in return.  “I understand your frustration.  I can’t get you any more pain medication, but I can get a _______________.  Or would you like for me to just sit here with you for a little bit.”

Call for back up.  If your boundaries continue to be violated ask for help!  Life in scrubs is a team sport, and there is always someone there who can help you.  It may just be a personality mismatch and a co-worker can work miracles with this specific patient.  If that won’t work then don’t hesitate to get your supervisor involved.

Find your Zen.  Sometimes no matter how much you’ve try to understand yourself and your patient, you’ve set good boundaries and you’ve asked for help, caring for others can just be down right challenging.  This is when it’s time to refocus on good self-care.  Here’s a great article from Scrubs Magazine about stress relief.  (http://scrubsmag.com/real-advice-on-stress-relief-for-nurses/?utm_source=social&utm_medium=blog&utm_campaign=difficultpatients).


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#TaffordStyle: Wine and Chocolate

The saying may go that “diamonds are a girls best friend” but we beg to differ. We’re pretty sure that wine and chocolate are a girls best friend! With today’s outfit from Koi, you can have both. Although the official names of the colors are Raspberry and Espresso… mmmmm…. raspberry mocha! What were we saying? Oh right!  Koi!  Like something you see?  Click on it for more information, or click here to see our entire #taffordstyle Pinterest Board.

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Building Healthy Work Relationships

It used to be thought that friendship and work didn’t mix.  Life should be compartmentalized into professional and personal.  Neither the two shall meet.  Employee’s personal lives should be left at the door.  But this line of thinking is beginning to change.  In his book Vital Friends, Tom Rath analyzed over 8 millions interviews conducted by The Gallup Organization.  He and his team found that people who said they have a “best friend at work” are seven times more likely to be engaged in their work.  Did you hear that upper management?  Seven times!  Now this doesn’t mean that you should necessarily be revealing your inner most thoughts or latest boyfriend drama to the third floor janitor and the cafeteria staff, but many of us spend more time with our colleagues than we do with out friends and family.  Having positive, supportive work relationships is therefore vital.   We’ve put together 5 tips for building healthy relationships at work.  But that’s not all!  We’re running a contest too, so make sure you read all the way to the bottom!

Speak positively:  Sincere complements can go a long way and encouragement goes even farther.  Life in scrubs is challenging.  You can either make it easier for your coworkers are harder.  You don’t have to be a Pollyanna, and we certainly aren’t saying to avoid issues, but instead of focusing on the problem, try finding the solution.  If the solution is outside of your control, work on rallying your coworkers around ways to make the situation better.  Negativity is intoxicating but it’s also toxic.  See it’s right there in the word!  (In-toxic-ating.)  See what we did there??

Avoid gossip:  Again, we aren’t advocating for a head-in-the-sand approach.  Avoiding conflict can be just as toxic to a work relationship, but gossip is never productive.  It focuses on the problem and keeps things stirred up instead of working towards a solution.  When someone tries to include you in gossip, you can sympathize with their frustration, but encourage them to address the situation directly.

Take an interest in others:  Sometimes we are so busy waiting to talk that we forget to really listen.  Ask more questions than you answer.  Don’t ask folks how their weekend was just so you can talk about yours.  Really listen.  Practice your active listening skills with your coworkers as well as your patients.

Be open:  It’s human nature to be drawn to folks that are like us, but by being open to folks who are different than we are, we can learn so much.  Putting ourselves in another’s shoes can open our horizons and broaden our perspective.  Have a coworker who’s into kayaking?  Ask them about their latest trip (and not so that you can tell them about your latest adventure).  What new gear they are looking to purchase and why.  Who knows, you might discover a new hobby of your own.

Be respectful:  The easiest way to damage a work relationship is to be disrespectful, and that doesn’t just mean how you talk to people.  Be on time.  Make sure you are completing your responsibilities and not pushing them off on others.  Offer to help when you see someone needs it.  Ask for help when you need it.  Apologize when you need to, and be open to other’s suggestions.  A little respect goes a long way.

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#TaffordStyle: Summer BBQ

Bring the summer BBQ indoors with today’s #taffordstyle outfit featuring this adorable top from Healing Hands. Even better, all Healing Hands scrubs are 20% off, but just like the lazy days of summer, this deal won’t last. Sale ends July 29th.

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Summer Binge-Watching

We all know that TV is hit or miss in the summer.  Most network shows go on hiatus, figuring that between vacations and school being out, most of us aren’t sitting in front of our TV as religiously as we are the rest of the year.  But, with the rise of streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime, and the advent of digital recorders, we aren’t as chained to the TV schedule as we used to be.  This makes summer the perfect time to catch up on some of our favorite shows we didn’t get to see as well as fall in love with new ones.  We’ve put together a list of 5 of our favorite shows we think you should add to your summer binge-watching list.


Leverage:  A ragtag bunch of “bad guys” including a hacker (Aldis Hodge), a hitter (Christian Kane), a thief (Beth Riesgraf), and a grifter (Gina Bellman), rally around a former “good guy” (Timothy Hutton) to provide leverage for those who’s wrongs cannot be righted through the conventional channels.  Originally airing on TNT from 2008-2012 this series is addictive, thrilling and heart warming.  All 5 seasons are available on Netflix and Hulu Plus.

Leverage TV show

Revenge: Set in the magnificent backdrop of the fairy tale Hamptons, this show centers a round newcomer Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) who it turns out is not a newcomer after all.  The twists and turns of this show will leave you breathless, as will the extravagance of life in the Hamptons.  Originally debuting on ABC in 2011, Hulu Plus has all 3 seasons.  Netflix currently has seasons 1 and 2.

Revenge TV show

MacGyver: Looking for a bit of nostalgia this summer?  Check out the adventures MacGyver, an ex-special ops agent trying to find a calmer life, but constantly being called in for just one more mission only he can accomplish. Usually with nothing more than some chewing gum, a match and some duct tape.  Originally airing from 1985-1991 on ABC it has a hint of campiness but isn’t that what we always loved about MacGyver?  Well that and who could pull off a mullet quite like Richard Dean Anderson?  Netflix currently has all 7 seasons and Amazon Prime has seasons 1-5.

MacGyver TV show

Say Yes to the Dress:  Looking for the summer equivalent of the beach read?  Say Yes to the Dress is that guilty pleasure you love, hate, love to hate and hate to admit you love.  Drool over some of the most beautiful dresses in the world, secretly plan your dream wedding, pass judgment on the bridezillas/momzillas/friendzillas and try not to choke on the price tags, all from the comfort of your own couch.  Originally debuting on TLC (which used to stand for The Learning Channel, who remembers that??) in 2007, Netflix currently has seasons 1-8.

Say Yes to the Dress TV show

That ‘70s Show:  Obsessed with Ashton and Mila and their soon-to-be little one?  Head back to where it all began!  Originally airing on Fox from 1998-2006, That ‘70s Show focuses on the lives of a group of friends (Topher GraceMila KunisAshton KutcherDanny MastersonLaura Prepon, and Wilmer Valderrama) navigating the teenage years in the 70’s.  Fun and funny, this series is the ultimate summer show.  Grab a Tab, an Orange Crush, Grape Nehi or whip up some Tang and enjoy the summer.  All 8 seasons are currently on Netflix.

That 70's Show

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#TaffordStyle: Christmas in July

We don’t know what the weather is like where you are, but this heat and humidity has us longing for the Holidays! Curling up in front of a warm fire with a cup of steaming hot chocolate and a good book. To get you in the mood, we are celebrating Christmas in July with today’s #taffordstyle board!  Are you one of those folks who already have half their holiday gift list checked off?  Well, you’re in luck!  We just added some new holiday prints to the website! Check them out here! Buy early and save during our introductory pricing through the end of the month!

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