BarCharts Nursing 2 Reference Guide

Style #: BARCH216537

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The Nursing 2 reference guide is a continuation of the ever popular Nursing Reference Guide by BarCharts. There are step-by-step detailed guides to different nursing procedures along with key definitions and techniques to up your nursing game. The Nursing 2 guide includes charts, full-color illustrations, helpful tables and is packed with vital information every nurse should always know! Also included are things like pain scales, pupil grading scales, and so much more! You’ll love having this reference resource close by. The 3 panel full color design is ideal for quick reference and the layout of the information is organized in such a way to offer a great resource for fast information. With six (6) 8½" x 11" pages full of information you’ll need the information to be easy to find! Laminated so you can keep it at a nurses station or carry it with you on your nurses clipboard.

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