4 Brands To Try If You Want Junior Fitting Scrubs

Finding a scrub top and scrub pant that fit perfectly can sometimes be a daunting process. Modern nursing uniform manufacturers have made this infinitely easier with wide array of styles and fits — plus size, petite, junior fit, classic fit and more!

Many nurses, especially the younger generation, are seeking scrubs that stray away from the classic fit which is generally more loose and lacks a tailored shape. They want something that is more flattering and fitted yet still fully functional and professional. Many brands are catering to medical professionals who are seeking medical uniforms with a more tailored, young vibe with fashionable prints and solids offerings.

Here are 5 brands to shop if a more junior fitting scrub is what you seek:


You might not have heard of Applause scrubs before and that’s because they are a new and up-and-coming brand that caters to nurses looking for junior fitting, stylish scrubs! Their pants all have a more tailored fit but I love the variety you still have within the collection — adjustable tabs, flare leg jean style, cargo and straight leg.
My Favorite Top & Pant: Beauty Mark Savvy TopApplause Rave Zip Front Pant


Koi Scrub Pant Lindsey PantKoi’s motto is “creating scrubs people want to wear” and they certainly have done that if our customer’s reactions to Koi scrubs is any indication! They are a favorite among nurses for their trendy, professional styles that feature sleek, tailored silhouettes that just seriously fit right! So flattering!
My Favorite Top & Pant: Koi Katelyn Top & Koi Lindsey Pant (shown to the right)

White Cross

Animal Print Scrub TopWhen I think of White Cross scrubs, one word comes to mind — spunk! All of their scrubs are just so spunky and fashionable and fit great! Some of their scrub tops even look like a blouse you might see in your favorite clothing store! These are uniforms that any modern nurse should have as part of their wardrobe. Their holiday tops are beyond cute!
My Favorite Top & Pant: Central Park Scoop Neck Top (pictured on the left) & Sport Casual Cargo Pant

Wonder Wink

Wonder Wink scrubs are so youthful and fun! They have some of the most vibrant and fresh colors I’ve encountered. Not to mention, they are super flattering and comfortable! I wouldn’t mind wearing these scrubs every day!
My Favorite Top & Pant: The Charlie Top & The Romeo Pant

What are your favorite scrubs with a junior fit?

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Your Guide To Scrub Tops At Tafford

Modern scrub tops offer a variety of different options for medical professionals. No longer are they identical shapes and styles but fashion has crept into nursing uniforms and revolutionized the way that scrub tops look and fit.  Designers now play with necklines to change the look of scrub tops and add more femininity to the boxy, drab scrubs of the past to give wearers flattering options for their body type.  Fashionable details – functional or for show – give  healthcare professionals unique touches to their work outfit.

While the variety today is great , sometimes it can get confusing for healthcare professionals to know which style is best for them when it comes time to buy scrubs.  To help you wade through the many styles and features present in  print scrub tops and solid scrub tops at Tafford, we’ve created this Scrub Top decoder.

Basic Necklines

Choosing the right neckline is important as it frames the shoulders, neck and face and each neckline can create an illusion of  change in your figure making it appear wider or slimmer, longer or shorter, or even make your face shape seem more angular or round. The right neckline will accentuate the right parts of your figure and help balance your features.

V-Neck:  V-necks are the most standard neckline in scrub tops. It is simple and gives a nice clean look. The best part about the V-Neck Scrub Top is that it looks good on everyone — no matter your shape or size — making it a popular choice for medical professionals.

plaid scrub top v-neck

Tafford City Block 2 Pocket V-Neck Scrub Top

Sweetheart:  Sweetheart necks are all the rage in fashion from bridal to scrub tops. With it’s heart-shaped neckline,   it’s such a feminine cut and really shows off the neck.  Perfect for nurses who really want to look trendy and fashionable in a feminine way. In fashion it typically is lower-cut to accentuate the bust but in scrub fashion they tend to be a bit higher cuts to provide modesty in the workplace.

Sweetheart Neckline

Curled Up Sweetheart Scrub Top

Square Neck: Square neck scrub tops are another fashionable option. Brings attention to your face and really elongates your upper body giving you the illusion of being slimmer.

Square Neck Scrub Top

Making Memories Square Neck Scrub Top

Cross-over Top/Faux-Wrap Top:  The crossover top has the basic v-neck shape but adds a bit more detail with a contrasting trim. This gives the  illusion of it being a wrap style and is good for bustier woman who don’t want to maintain modesty at work.  The faux-wrap is similar to the crossover top but really adds more of a wrap look without having to tie the shirt as it is sewn for ease of wear and practicality. Wrap/ Faux-wrap tops and dresses are extremely popular in fashion and makes this look less like your average scrub top

Zebra Crossover Scrub Top

Double Agent Crossover Scrub Top

Once you pick your basic neckline or collar style, there are other details that make Tafford scrubs fashion forward and uniquely your style. We offer mandarin collars (a short unfolded collar that stands straight up and alludes to Oriental style), tie-back scrub tops (ties in the back and helps give a more feminine shape), decorative buttons, peek-a-boo petals, pleats and ruffles.

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